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Insider Threat Detection

Stay safe with Advanced User Behaviour Intelligence

  • Imagine an angry employee selling off confidential information to your competitor. 

  • Imagine a curious internal contractor falling prey to a deceptive email which compromises your IT system.

  • Imagine a complacent employee who stores login information on paper and ends up with her account hacked.

​How would these scenarios make you feel if they happened in your company? 

Angry? Afraid? Defeated? 

We all like to think that the people who work for us - employees, contractors, consultants - are 'good guys'. And the truth is, most of them are. Yet in 2015, 60% of all cyber attacks carried out were by insiders. These people either had malicious intent or served as inadvertent actors.

​Insiders are a very real threat to the survival of your business.

The Solution to Insider Threats

89East offers a leading insider threat detection software that will stop data theft before it happens, help you understand the full context of user behaviour and allow you to catch the threats that other tools miss.

Using our industry leading solution, you will be able to recognize threats such as:

  • Credential Misuse

  • Credential Theft,

  • Security Bypass

  • Use of Personal Emails

  • Pirated Software

  • Print Activities

  • Ransomeware Indicators

  • And much more!

Beyond data protection, our solution provides a number of important features such as:

GDPR Compliance – Respect user privacy and it does not use invasive employee monitoring. Optional anonymisation is also possible.

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